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An envoy with a commission, Philomath, Polymath, Author, Nation-Builder, Transformational Leader, Researcher, Husband and Father.

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My name is Dele Osunmakinde, a philomath and a polymath. Through my study and meditations on the Word I reason, strategize, develop and create ideas, concepts and things. I give sense to my environment through the written Word as I know all things are made by it. Over the years, I have tried to be the best in what I do. I seek to help people think strategically by giving spiritual, administrative, economic, management and corporate fundamentals to biblical truths. Thanks for visiting my site, it's nice meeting you.

Teaching the word of faith in churches and the corporate world.

My Projects


The Enterprising Nigeria Project

The objective is to facilitate an anastomosis of government agencies, corporate bodies, the diaspora as well as budding and aspiring entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Borne out of passion for enterprise and socio-economic development in Nigeria, we have put together an intensive training and Project to inspire, instruct and guide budding and aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs. Our aim is to beam the spotlight on the social, economic and administrative fundamentals incorporating entrepreneurship, innovation and courage in business development. To showcase Nigeria as a society where ideas and innovation in business can thrive against all odds.

The Enterprising Nigeria Project

The Sphere of Influence

Raising a new generation believer committed to the person, purpose and mission of the Lord Jesus Christ using such to influence things to the ends of the earth.

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The Sphere of Influence

Faith Seminar

Borne out of the desire to accurately teach the word and create the framework within which people can connect with the faith message in such a practical and yet profound manner.

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Faith Seminar

Literature Campaigns - Free Books

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Matheteou Partners

Beloved, Morin and I understand the power of partnership and network. Partnership with the Sphere of Influence is not just about raising funds; it is, standing with us in faith by identifying with a course to extend the frontiers of the Kingdom of God. It’s about standing together, synergizing and leveraging our strength to change the world.

For more than two decades, we’ve had the unique privilege of being used by God to touch lives, raise leaders, teach the word and write books with excellence and passion, locally and globally. Over the years, we have come to know that by ourselves we can do some things but together, in partnership with friends, associates and networks, we can do much more and make a difference.

Partnership isn’t a one-time event. It is a growing, thriving commitment where we share in the benefits promised to us when we come together and share the course of Christ, thereby extending the frontiers of God’s kingdom.

In partnering with us, you are indeed making a statement that you believe in us, as well as in the assignment God has committed into our hands.

Remember, there is strength and power in partnership. We are so thankful for your consideration of partnership with us.

Yours in Him

Dele & Morin Osunmakinde
Matheteou Partnership

Projects and Programmes

In achieving the set goal of Matheteou Partnership, we have a number of projects and programmes through which we are set to influence the world and be a blessing to many to the glory of God.

  1. The Sphere of influence gospel resort center
  2. The Sphere of influence TV ministry (South Africa)
  3. Baptizing Lagos CD ministry
  4. Literature campaigns-free books
  5. Faith Seminar
  6. Enterprising Nigeria project
The Enterprising Nigeria Project

Let’s do this together

Account Name:
Matheteou Partnership Ventures
Account Number:
0024029794 (NGN)
0024029804 (USD)

Join me every Sundays 9am and Thursdays 6pm at
The Baptizing Church - Out of Zion
Cane Village, Wasimi Maryland, Lagos.

For enquiries call: 07031307668


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A new generation believer committed to the person, purpose and mission of the Lord Jesus Christ using such to influence things to the ends of the earth.

The Baptizing Church,
Cane Village Wasimi,
Maryland Lagos.